Kendal Riley is a fashion and commercial photographer located in Big Sur, California.  She always dreamed of being a photographer, but her first career took her down the path of creating fashion, not photographing it. Kendal has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from PLNU in Graphic Design with a minor in business.  She worked in the surf industry for 8 years as an apparel graphic designer before making the the switch to full time photography in June of 2013. 

If Kendal were to describe her style in one word--it would be feminine. 'I connect with photos, models, fashion and locations that evoke the feelings of elusive beauty, passionate love, a bohemian spirit and wild abandonment--this is what feminine means to me.' Kendal explains, 'While shooting I am composing the scene for the final photo; my goal is to capture a look, a moment, a beauty, or an experience that my viewer will be drawn to.'

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