I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing the SUPER talented Annachristie out in Joshua Tree a few months back. The shoot started off in an empty pool, Annachristie plugged in her electric guitar and started to sing. Her voice was simply memorizing. She continued to sing as I snapped photos of her in action. I stopped taking photos a few times JUST so that I could listen to the melodic timbre of her voice.

Annachristie transformed to me another place in time. A place in time where I use to sing everywhere I went and there was never not a song on my lips.. I am not sure where those days went, but I love how Annachristie reminded me that no matter the twists and turns that life may take you, you always have your music by your side!

Annachristie was unique, fun, entertaining and she had a truly beautiful soul; photographing her was probably one of my most favorite editorials that I’ve shot for Desert Magazine.

Check out more of Annachristie and listen to her beautiful music here:

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